Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All I want is a shack by the sea...

This would have to be my heaven on earth. I don't want much in life, but I do want a shack with a view... These mini houses by Sommarnojen (Summer Enjoyment) a Swedish design company are kit homes built on site at any location of your choice. They are 15sq meters in size and like all things Swedish are functional, clean and ergonomic.

*Click on post title for link to Sommarnojen


  1. haha very glad to have inspired you :)

    i am in LOVE with that first batch!!!

  2. I would love to live near to a beach! Those are very lovely, I love love love the first one especially.

  3. Lucky me living in Queensland Australia. I have beach, mountains, rainforest, bush and rolling plains as far as the eye can see all within a 2 hour drive of where I live. I am indeed blessed.