Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love advertising!

Working in advertising I see some amazing designs and smart ways to sell products on a daily basis. Here are some clever little ads that think outside the box.

Olympus Campaign - Frozen in Time

Nutribalance Campaign - Bad Dog

Glad Wrap Campaign - Stay Fresh

Xyladecor - Protective Wax

Volvo - Snow White 7 Seats

Stop Child Abuse - Invisible

Save Our Seas (SOS) - Shark Warning

Playstation PSP - Statue Man

Kangaroo Cabs - Drink Driving

Golds Gym - Elevator

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  1. These are fantastic, I really want to work in advertising. Im trying to find jobs/internships as I have just graduated !

  2. I love that the naughty dogs include a Pug! Reminds me of my doggies :)

    Really good advertisements!xx