Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like a condom for your iPhone, always use protection.

I thought I better do a bit of a shoutout to all you iPhone lovers (cmon who isn't) and let you know where you can get some kickass cases for the love of your life. It's a company called More and they literally have the sexiest, coolest, slimmest cases around for iPhone, iPod, and now HTC, Blackberry and Samsung. I personally bought a case when I first got my iPhone as I was sick of keeping it in a Apple Nano sock for fear of scratching my baby. Being the perfectionist I am, a scratch on my iPhone would pretty much be like having a piece of sand in my eye, severely irritating. So anyway the cases are well priced, great quality and the delivery time gives road runner a run for his money.

*Click on post title for link to More

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