Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Amazing Weekend

I just had the most amazing weekend! It was filled with Cosmo's, gangsta movies, eggs benedict with smoked salmon, a boat, sunshine, gin & tonic, the ocean, laughter, happiness, good friends, and goey drunkness. I hope you like the happy snaps.


  1. cute post babe, would have been an amazing day out on the boat!
    yep green dress all the way - but it's gotta be a perfect fit, like a glove! if it were on me, it'd be in my closet right now! HOTNESS!
    check the measurements my love!

  2. Gorgeous post!! Your weekend sounds fabulous! So jealous about the boat :) Beautiful girl! In the 2nd pic you look like Erin Mcnaught :) xx

  3. Thanyou for the fabulous Erin Mcnaught comment lovely. You made my day...xx